We will have our first research residency and presentation in June at Luxembourg’s Théâtre des Capucins. For TalentLAB we will be mentored by the English playwright and actor Chris Thorpe.



{ circus } { theater } { danse }


Mind control is no longer science fiction. The ability of parasites to manipulate their host’s cognition and behavior is captivating, because it raises thorny questions about the existence of free will. PARASITE will use parasitic infection, and especially toxoplasmosis, as a jumping off point from which to examine ideas of choice, destiny, desire, and the traits that each of us associate with our “self.” The body will be our primary expressive tool for this multi-disciplinary project combining circus, physical theater, danse, and scientific research, thus exploring through the body what happens in the mind.
June 7, 2019, 19h30
Théâtre de Capucins
9, Place du Théâtre
L-2613 Luxembourg


Concept and direction : Frieda Gerson
Writing : Frieda Gerson & Baptiste Gaubert
Artists : Alba Faivre, Amarnah Amuludun, Baptiste Gaubert
Musical composition : Emre Sevindik
Scenography : Carla Chassang
PARASITE artwork : Céline Vayssade
Mentor : Chris Thorpe